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Welcome to Melbourne Fishing Spot....

Welcome to the new look MFS page, we have made a lot of changes which has made it more simple and accessible. Members still have access the web site and access to all our features.

A few new changes involve our BALI TOURS page which has taken a lot of planning to get up and going and its finally how we want it, we hope everyone is excited as much as we are with our tour page!

We have also added the new MFS SHOP page which will be selling MFS merchandise and some quality tackle products from small time tackle designers. 


We are always looking for potential sponsors at MFS. So feel free to contact us any time or if you are interested in selling your tackle through our page then please contact us to.


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Lately we have been targeting the early run of these large snapper around. We have been in search for the last month to crack that 20lb mark but the closet  we have got is 7.5kg which is still a cracking fish by all means. Most the fish have been around that 5kg to 7.5kg mark that we have caught but still the odd smaller fish. Best baits have been fresh squid and small sized baits have worked best. The best run we had was 4 fish from the run out tide with a hot bite period of around 30 min, the barometer was at 1030 and on a rise.

Big Reds of Carrum

This morning we left Mornington Ramp and head down towards Carrum 18m. We sounded for a few minutes and found some quality fish on the sounder straight away. We ended up with 2 fish, 5.5 and 5.9kg. The water temp was still only 14.2 degrees.


Over in Bali there has been some been some great fish been caught over the last week. Edison has been targeting some Giant Ruby Snapper. The boys have targeted these fish in water up to 125 meters and using 500 gram Jigs. The water current is currently around 1.5 to 2.0 knots so the larger jigs have been the go in this deep water. Remember if anyone wants to be part of this actioan then remeber to book into our tours coming up by CLICKING HERE

RHYLL REDS 12th October 2013

Today we fished out from Rhyll around mid tide 3:00pm. First bait in the water and 5 minutes in we had our first red. They continued to bite all through the run in tide. All fish were caught on Pilchards and fresh squid rings. Biggest went 4.2kg.


9th of October
We fished Mount Martha chasing squid tonight and in hope of a big red. The weather was a complete glass out and perfect for squid. We only hooked 6 squid up to 500gram mark but they were very hesitant which is uncommon for there, plenty still about though and great snapper bait size. Another bloke fishing there hooked a small pinkie around 30cm mark but nothing to get excited about. Def worth the effort to head down there to get your fresh bait.


We recently travelled to bali Indonesia for a 2 weeks trip. We snuck in 2 days fishing with some success. During our visit to Nusa Lembogan I headed out with a local fisherman from Mushroom Bay. We trawled for 2 hours but only hooked 2 Mack Tuna ranging from 1 - 3kg. There is only a small window to target these fish which is from 5:30am till the sun comes up around 7:00am but when they hook up there a great fight.

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